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Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved spreading light and 
happiness around me… This has become my ambition in life and I invest time and energy in creating lighting fixtures which instill harmonious, peaceful and healing atmosphere.  

My lamps are a perfect combination of beauty, natural elements, metals and custom-made crystals with medicinal properties.

How do crystals have emotional impact on their surroundings?  According to some physical principle, whenever there is interaction between two magnetic fields, the strongest one prevails upon the weakest one.  The crystals’ magnetic field is more powerful than the human beings’ magnetic realm.  Our nervous system recognizes and retains information regarding vibrations even after we have left the crystals’ area.  We can either choose to use these new vibrations or to discard them.  .Crystals do not force us to change but if we choose to do so, it becomes easier thanks to the crystals’ influence layout


Naisha Ahsian, the developer of Crystal Resonance Therapy and a great master in Crystal Healing, taught  a special shaping method for the laying out of crystals.  According to Naisha Ahsian, crystals are divided into five elements:  fire, water, wind, earth and storm.  Storm does not exist in its own right but rather represents the fast combination of four elements and serves as a powerful catalyst in order to operate alternations.  I carefully observed the transformation people went through after using the five elements crystal layouts and I decided to combine them with my lighting fixtures.

Crystals are selected according to their distinctive features, as per customers' specific requirements and in combination with the five elements partition.  Lighting fixtures are custom-made by size, color and with the exact element to be highlighted so as to affect people's feelings in a positive manner and to generate an unsurpassed room ambiance.

I use an exceptional glass brand known as BULLSEYE, which is known for its superiority of clarity & deep colors.  My inspiration turns out into a gorgeous blend of colors and ending as a rich oil painting.

Glass is carved into plaster & wax models and then fused into a kiln over 800 degrees Celsius with a fixture basis made of aluminum, brass and bronze.  It is then cleaned and clipped into aluminum or wood base. Each plate of glass is lit with LED bulbs.

My objective is to warm people's hearts and homes with particular lightings depicting nature's beauty and power by means of the above five elements.


About The Glass

For me, the glass is the spot of color in a space which change the feeling within the environment. The translucency of glass with the element of lighting behind it creates a warmth and ambience that is unsurpassed in a room.

I use a very special brand of glass known as Bullseye, which is known for its quality of deep colors and its clarity. The colors blend beautifully to grow from the beginnings of my inspiration into that which almost resembles a rich oil painting.

I cast the glass in a kiln to over 800 degrees using Plaster and Wax as models to the glass I wish to cast into. The glass is then cleaned and clipped into Aluminum or wood base. Each plate of glass is lit with LED bulbs.

Most of my works are a representation of the base elements of nature: Fire, Water, Air Earth and storm. My interest is to warm the room when the lightisturned on and to depict the beauty and the power I find in nature